Industry Platform Uses Ezievents to Host Business Events


Industry Platform is a leading business conference and exhibition management company that operates in 7 different countries in the ASEAN region. They primarily focus on industry-leading events in IoT Asia and Nuclear Asia. The company has been in operations for 5 years. The company is at a turning point as it is redirecting its energy from sustainable marketing and sales efforts to streamlining the business and focus on high profitability using technology.

The Objective(s)

> Optimise and digitise the business processes.

> Adopt a strong application

> Implement transparency and efficiency.

The Solution

Create a custom application, Ezievents, to digitally transform the operations of the company. The strong application assisted in the planning and forecasting process more efficiently through big data analytics.

Ezievents is a custom-made application that is highly secure and accurate yet simple to use which fulfils the objectives.

FluidMojo helped streamlined the client’s business process with the use of Ezievents as it handles the accounts process for the client. Through this automation, there was a significant improvement in the efficiency of the client’s services.

The Result

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